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I need to do something like this:

    This is list of inline labels: <span> label1 </span>, <span> label2 </span>, ...

How do I do that in GWT? (preferably using InlineLabel widgets and may be FlowPanel as a container)

I mean I can't find a way to append spans into paragraph's text. Can't use setInnerHTML() or something like that because I need to add some event handlers to spans.

Thanks in advance.


I've found a solution myself. Here is a snippet of what you can do in such cases:

FlowPanel flowPanel = new FlowPanel();
flowPanel.add(new InlineLabel("inline_label"));
Node textNode = Document.get().createTextNode(", ");
flowPanel.add(new InlineLabel("inline_label2"));

That's it. If somebody has better solution or anything to add, you're welcome.

Thank you everybody.

PS couldn't post it as an answer cause of my low rating. It's my first question.

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You can use HTML class for render this type of controls.Below is the example.

String htmlstr ="<p>This is list of inline labels: <span> label1 </span>, <span> label2 </span>, ...</p>";
    HTML html=new HTML(htmlstr);
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Then use lebel which is provided by the GWT i.e Label class.And click of that label fire an event. –  Sanjay Jain Aug 29 '11 at 8:46
yeah that is a solution but I could not find the way to add text between those labels. And now I've found one (see UPD.) –  Sergey A. Savenko Aug 30 '11 at 3:39

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