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i have integrated Adwhirl in xcode 3.x and Working fine for App
now i am working With Xcode 4.x,Now i am trying to integrate Adwhirl for Xcode 4.x
i am getting problems like in project Building

BRBannerAd.h  No Such file or directory
GADAdViewController.h No Such file or directory
GADAdSenseParameters No Such file or directory 

i have seen that there is no file like BRBannerAd.h in Adwhirl Sdk,But the Same code wortking in Xcode 3.x Can Any one helpm me to get out of this problem
Thx in Advance

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some libraries need to be added to the official website maybe this link help: sdk-iphone.adwhirl.googlecode.com/hg-history/… lib search use google :) –  Denis Dec 25 '12 at 18:05

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  1. Open your XCode project and look through your "adapters" folder of Adwhirl.
  2. Remove all adapters related to ad networks your application doesn't use.

in your case, I guess you don't use BRBannerAds and Google-Adsense. so you need to remove their adapters.

it could also be the other way around in which case you would need to add the missing ad networks to your project.

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