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I would like to be able to match a URL like this


Basically the resulting action would be a concatenation of the 2 action name.

My current route looks like this

$ccRoute = new Zend_Controller_Router_Route_Regex(
array('controller' => 'cc'),
array('action-first-part' => 1, 'arbitrary-number' => 2, 'action-second-part' => 3)

this partner matches fine. but with the third argument (mapping argument), how can I concat the 1 and 3 index and just pass the correct action to the controller.


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As far as I remember, you cannot do this with the regex routes. However, it's quite trivial to make a new route class that can do this.

Here is a quick answer on how to make your own route class.

how to get dynamic URL like mydomain.com/username using zend framework

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