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I have apache/PHP - WINDOWS server. I have 2 different sites (www.example.com and test.example.com) I have used vhosts to configure my subdomain.

Is it possible to load different php.ini files for each subdomain ? I have a problem with the first site which is coming from using extension for the second site. So I need to enable it for the second ONLY or to disable it for the first only.

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You can't activate php extension from php file. You can only check loading of a specific ext.

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Can I set my appache to load different php.ini then for the different subdomains? –  Svetlio Aug 29 '11 at 8:24

Many settings in the php.ini can be overridden in the .htaccess file, or in the executing script itself. Look at the list: http://us3.php.net/manual/en/ini.list.php and refer to the Changeable column for details.

If by "extension" you mean a php extension, then no, you can't have a different php extension on the same server, because php is shared. The only way you would be able to accomplish that would be to have a 2nd apache server running. If this is truly a test site, a separate server would be feasible because you could run it on a separate port, but I wouldn't suggest going that route unless you were highly confident in your skills as a windows sysadmin.

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Extensions can be enabled programmatically on some SAPIs with

Please read the manual carefully for security implications and forward compatibility issues.

For more options, see

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