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So I have the following code:

items = [ ["Photo","Name", "Qty", "Unit Price", "Amount"] ]
items += do |oitem|
   number_to_currency(oitem.item.price,:unit => 'HK$ '),
   number_to_currency(oitem.full_price,:unit => 'HK$ ')

This generates the error:

Content type not recognized: #<Prawn::Images::JPG:0x00000101703b98 @bits=8, @height=300, @width=300, @channels=3, @scaled_width=300, @scaled_height=300>

Extracted source (around line #54):

52: end
54: pdf.table items, :header => true,
55:                  :column_widths => [300,200,100,150,150],
56:                  :row_colors => ["FFFFFF","DDDDDD"]
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From what I can tell an image object is not acceptable in a table cell prawn suitable cell types. You will prob have to do a for each loop of bounding_boxes instead of a table. – Barlow Aug 30 '11 at 2:57
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Just found a Mock table with Images that helped me a lot. Thanks to jfeust for sharing it wih us. -

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