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When I launch my Android app with Eclipse, the usual window "Android Device Chooser" appears. I can here choose on which device I want to run my app.

In the target column appears next to my target an orange triangle with an exclamation mark (kind of 'warning') (see the image below)

Does somebody know what it means ?

enter image description here

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According to this mailing list thread, that just means you're utilising an optional library and Eclipse can't be sure it's installed on the device. Eclipse knows you're using a compatible version of the API, it's just not sure about the optional extension you're using. So you should be fine, as long as the app works on the phone.

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I think it also might mean that the minSdkVersion you defined in the manifest is bigger than the one you're trying to run the app on. –  IncrediApp Aug 29 '11 at 10:10

I have the same exclamation point next to my target but the code complile and run OK. In my opinion the warning appears because the device target has a different API version than project one. In my case the Android project is build with 2.3.3. but my Samsung device has installed 2.3.4

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