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I have a web app with 2 web servers and 2 database servers. The dbs are setup for multi master replication. (this is the primary environment)

I also have the exact same setup on a different location acting as standby, in case the primary env fails. (this is the backup env)

What I need is for the backup env to be in sync with the dbs of the primary site. However, all dbs in both environments have already replication configured.

How can I achieve my goal?


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If this is standard MySQL rather than MySQL Cluster (and from your setup I think is has to be), you can't AFAIK.

If you have hierarchical replication then you could make it work, but with multimaster you can't. The basic problem is that a slave can only have one master which is set by the CHANGE MASTER TO command.

MySQL Cluster operates in a more complex manner, you have several servers in each cluster and then the cluster can be replicated to another cluster... or something.

Not very helpful I'm afraid.

You can sync the backup servers to one of the other masters, but the backup servers would not be masters to each other until you have a problem and then you change the master slave relationships yourself.

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