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How can I convert QVariant to QString and Vice versa?


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From string:

QString qs;
QVariant qv(qs);

To string:

QString qs = qv.toString();

Tip: reading the help helps.

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plus one for reading the help – Mawg Dec 5 '14 at 8:20
toString() does NOT return the value in the QVariant as a QString but rather describes the QVariant in a way that might be more suitable for debugging. I have found that QVariant::value<QString>() or QVariant::convert(QVariant::QString) seem to be more helpful, because they return the actual value in the QVariant. – Lennart Rolland Apr 3 at 1:52
@LennartRolland the code example in the docs explicitly states value<QString>() is the same as toString(). They both use canConvert() and convert() internally. – hamstergene Apr 3 at 9:16

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