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I am new to magento. I dont have any idea about that. I have to solve one problem in some one's implemented project. So if any body can help me out.

We have 2 shipping methods. it is working properly. there are 8 different items. for one item in one shipping method shipping rate is comming zero on review page. I am not getting how can i solve this.

on review.phtml page $groups = $this->getShippingRateGroups() line is there. so here data is coming wrong. I think so. so how should i solve this?

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If you have a fully custom template, at first revert to the standard Magento templates and review your issue. You can do this easily by going to System -> Configuration, click on tab Design and change the values for package, skin and template to default. Click save, clean cache and reproduce the steps you had. If your review page still has errors, then it is probably a configuration issue, else a coding issue.

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Thanks my problem is solve. – Dena Aug 30 '11 at 6:50

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