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Is there any SDK available for Apple TV?

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Things have changed in the years since this question was asked...

There's a new Apple TV (4th generation) with updated hardware comparable to 2014-2015 iOS devices, and with it a new OS derived from iOS. Unlike with the past Apple TVs, tvOS is an open platform for developers, featuring its own App Store.

The old Apple TV (3rd generation) is still available as of this writing, but is unchanged -- it's still a closed (iOS-based) platform without developer support from Apple.

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You can use the following in order to create a tweak using xcode for the apple tv or any device

And use this for a hello world example

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This answer was provided 4 years ago.

No. To do anything interesting with it, you have to Hack/Jailbreak it -- all unsupported of course.

No need to down vote anymore, thanks. Feel free to refer to the other answers.

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