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I wanted to try-out go language from Google.

I've installed everything correctly like the doc said. But when I try to compile I always have an output similar to this:

$ 6g main.go

main.go:3: import /home/manbear/gosource/pkg/linux_amd64/fmt.a: object is [linux amd64 weekly.2011-08-17 9569] expected [linux amd64 release.r59 9199+]

Before I had something like [linux amd64 release.r56 89** ], I tried to get the good release, but I don't seem to succeed in this quest.

Some advices would be appreciated :)


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I have found the problem.

I did try the "hg update release" but the problem why it did not fix the problem is because when I tried to fixed the release version previously; I had downloaded and installed on my Natty Ubuntu this:"golang_59-0~9199~oneiric1_amd64.deb".

I did not notice that it was for the next version of ubuntu (oneiric) [but it did install flawlessly though].

When I've noticed it in synaptic and delete it completly, recompile golang itself and everything is working now :)

An interesting fact, there is a package of "golang 59-0~9199-natty1" for Natty in the synaptic repository. I did not installed it since I've followed the general instruction for linux distributions. But I guess that it's possible to skip the compilation of the language itself and just install the package with apt-get install.

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It looks like you have compiled the latest weekly development build instead of the release version. Did you run the command:

hg update release

Before compiling (compiling Go itself I mean not your program) I think that should fix it for you.

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It did update the release to .r59, but it's not enough. I still got this problem: object is [linux amd64 release.r59 9022] expected [linux amd64 release.r59 9199+] –  HexaGridBrain Aug 29 '11 at 12:14

To build the latest release of Go:

$ cd $GOROOT/src
$ hg pull
$ hg update release
$ ./all.bash
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optionally, run goinstall -a -u to update anything installed by go install. As an alternative, goinstall -a will rebuild current packages without updating them... –  amattn Aug 30 '11 at 17:33

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