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I'm using Facebook C# SDK for an ASP.NET MVC Facebook Canvas application that I'm hosting in Windows Azure.

I currently have the Facebook C# SDK specific configuration settings (appSecret, appId, etc.) in web.config, but I would like to move them to the service configuration file instead so that I can alter the settings when moving from Staging to Production in Azure.

(How) can this be done? Right now I'm using the CanvasAuthorize attribute that automatically reads from web.config.

    [CanvasAuthorize(Permissions = FacebookPermissions.ReadStreamPermission)]
    public ActionResult Login()
        return RedirectToAction("Authenticate"); // Logged in, proceed with authentication
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By default, Facebook C# SDK looks up at the configuration sections in web.config.

You will need to override the default Facebook application using code similar to this.

FacebookApplication.SetApplication(new DefaultFacebookApplication { AppId = "..", AppSecret = ".." });

The best place to set the application is at Application_Start.

You can checkout the sample at https://gist.github.com/820881

This means you are not tied to web.config. You can use database, azure service configuration or anything depending on your logic from where the settings can be retrieved.

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I'm not sure about the reasoning of putting application specific configuration information in the Azure ServiceConfiguration.csfg file. Furthermore, I would say that this will be a problem rather than helpful to switch VIP's in the Azure control panel.
They way I do it is to have multiple web deployment configurations in my (ASP.NET MVC canvas page) Visual Studio project. One for Staging and one for Production.

I use the web.config transformation functionality in the Web Deployment to have different web.config settings for Staging/Production. It works very well and smoothly, just right-click on the project, select Deploy and choose if you want to deploy to staging or production. You can also handle a specific testing AppID for Staging this way.

EDIT: I haven't looked in the source code for the Facebook C# SDK, but I would guess that the web.config read methods are, in fact, hard coded to use the web.config. That would also be a reason to keep it there.

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