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i am having a problem to integrate a dylib file into my xcode project. My application need to read directly from a dylib file from its path using "handle = dlopen(libPath, RTLD_LAZY);" When I insert the file into the project in Resources folder with "Add -> Add Existing File" the file is shown as a framework (or library) and the file does not exist in the file system so that i can read it directly. any solution for that please. Hope I have well explained the problem. Best regards.

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Don't even think of that. Using your own dylib on iOS devices is prohibited by Apple, and will be rejected. See this Q&A at SO, too.

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Thank you Yuji for the response. so can I use a static One (.a) and do I need to consider the fact that iPhone uses ARMv7 processor and not intel if I am going to generate the static library ? thank you in advance. – Walid.lej Aug 29 '11 at 16:19
Yes, use a static library. But how to use a static library should be another independent question on StackOverflow. I'm sure it's already been asked before. Just search on it in the search box above. – Yuji Aug 29 '11 at 16:28

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