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Does anybody know a finite state machine that has guard feature in PHP ?

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The FSM Package in Pear doesn't have guard.I used to work with tungsten-FSM in java. – Bamdad Dashtban Aug 29 '11 at 13:40
what is guard feature? – hakre Aug 29 '11 at 20:36
@hakre when a state is going to transit some conditions are going to be checked and the result should be true. these conditions are called guard – Bamdad Dashtban Aug 30 '11 at 6:13

Using PEAR's FSM (usage example), you can use the action callback to return the next state if the guard fails, like so:

$payload = '';
$fsm = new FSM('STATE1', $payload);
function guard1($symbol, $payload) {
    if ($payload == 'something') {
        // Guard success, allow transition
    else {
        // Guard fail, return to previous state
        return 'STATE1';
$fsm->addTransition('SYMBOL1', 'STATE1', 'STATE2', 'guard1');

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Look at ezComponents Workflow. Allows you to design workflows with many objects and add in conditionals and states.

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check out:

I think it has the functionality that you're looking for. You define a transition and then can associate a closure that gets called before the transition is processed. here's a simple example:

Define your FSM

  $machine = new StateMachine\FiniteStateMachine();

Define the transitions

    $turnOff = new StateMachine\Transition('on', 'off');
    $turnOn = new StateMachine\Transition('off', 'on');

Add a guard to the turnOn transition

    // flipping the switch on requires electricity
    $hasElectricity = true;
    $turnOn->before(function() use ($hasElectricity) {
        return $hasElectricity ? true : false;

Transition from off to on

  echo $machine->getCurrentState();
  // prints 'on'  

Transition back to off

  echo $machine->getCurrentState();
  // prints 'off'  

if the $hasElectricity variable had been set to false, the outcome would look like this:

  // oops, forgot to pay that electricity bill
  $hasElectricity = false;

  $turnOn->before(function() use ($hasElectricity) {
      return $hasElectricity ? true : false;

Then, if you try to transition from Off -> On

  echo $machine->getCurrentState();
  // prints 'off'  

In order to determine where a transition was completed, you'd just have to compare the previous state to the current state.

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The Conditions in the Metabor Statemachine can be used as Guards (3rd parameter in Transition constructor). See Example:

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Thanks for your answer, consider to avoid external links since they can broken over time, instead include some relevant code with explaination in your answer – Petter Friberg Nov 26 '15 at 16:18
I have given myself an opportunity to implement some state machine with Metabor. The only problem is that without a step by step explanation it is totally difficult to follow what is going on there. Is there any tutorial available out there that I can read? – LuyandaSiko Jun 2 at 11:41

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