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I've been working on a complex web-application and have tested it with 'normal Browsers' and ie >= 8. Now I need to get it to work in IE7 wich, of course, is a mess. I'm getting lots of troubles that when you play with an elements style, especially with positioning, IE7 has a lot of rendering bugs.

To be specific, I'm using' "BlindDown"-effect, which updates top- and left-values of an element in a nice animation. After the animations done the element suddenly disappears and I found out it's set to left: 1649px even though its left-value is set to something 'normal'.

This is a bug in IE7. I found out if you set zoom:1 on that element its layout gets updated and the element will be rendered properly again, at its proper position. But what you have to do if zoom is already set to 1 is to set it to zoom:2 and zoom:1 again so the element will actually get updated.

This is madness. However you can't do much about this. But I'm getting tired of the rather hacky zoom:2->zoom:1 thing so I'm asking if there is a way to update an element's layout without something stupid like that zoom:2/1-thing. Maybe there's a function or a more clever way to do this. If you have an idea, anything's appreciated.

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You're encountering the vast family of bugs involving the notorious internal "hasLayout" property of display elements in the IE rendering engine. Suffice to say that there is no single, simple solution. Sometimes adding the "zoom" property (which sets the "hasLayout" flag) helps, and sometimes it definitely does not. That is, the problems revolve around an internal (mis)behavior controlled by that flag. Sometimes having the flag set makes it work, and sometimes having the flag cleared makes it work. It is, as you say, a mess. – Pointy Aug 29 '11 at 13:54
In this case the problem is not solved by setting hasLayout, but by updating the layout. I can set zoom:1 as much as I want on an element that already has zoom:1. I need to change it so that, I guess, the element is re-rendered. That's why I have to set zoom=2 and then zoom=1 again to make it work. Or in other words: DAMN YOU IE7! ;) – Lukas Aug 29 '11 at 13:59
I feel your pain. – Pointy Aug 29 '11 at 14:01

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