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I am working on an iPad application, it has popover, in popover it shows a tableView, in tableview it has different groups and a subTabBar, but it should show that subTabBar when header is clicked and it should hide subTabBar when again that header is clicked. Can anyone tell me how to do that.


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What about an invisible button overlaying the Header? This would give you an Event you could react to with either hiding/showing the tab bar (if possible) or show a new View Controller instance without animation that shows the bar.


To answer your comment: This is not so much about code. Simply put a UIButton over the Header in interface builder, go to Attributes Inspector and set the button to custom (which makes it invisible).

The related code could look something like this:

@interface test : UITableViewController  {    
- (IBAction)customButtonPressed;    

then the implementation:

BOOL isHidden =NO;
    //Do the hiding or view swiching
        [self hideBar];
        [self showBar];

Then back in the inspector just drag from the touchUpInside at Connection Inspector to Files owner and choose the customButtonPressed.

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as i looked over your initial question again my edit wasn't what you wanted to know, right? Could you rephrase your question, so i know, for which task exactly you need some sample code? –  An Error occurred... again Aug 30 '11 at 14:23

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