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I have a Builder that looks like this:

    compileProperAction = Action('$COMPILEPROPERCOM')
    compileProper_bld = Builder(action=compileProperAction, suffix = '.s_', chdir=1)

And I'm calling it in an SConscript like this:

    asm = libEnv.cp([Glob('*.c'),Glob('*.cpp')])

The issue that I am having is that only the first file in the Glob is being built. I tried not using a Glob and passing the name of a few files in manually, but again, only one file was built. So I'm guessing something is wrong with my Builder, but I can't figure it out. Any thoughts on why when a node list is passed to this builder only a single file is built?

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I would write it like this :

import os, glob
for filename in glob('*.c'):
    asm = libEnv.cp(filename, os.path.split(filename)[0] + ".cpp")

Hope it helps.

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I tried something similar to this but was getting dependency errors, I added what finally worked for me as an answer. – Andy Aug 31 '11 at 15:54
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After attacking it a different way thanks to Louis's answer, what ended up working for me was to call the builders like so.

instrAsm = []
for a in asm:
    instrAsm += exeEnv.instr(a)
for g in Glob('*.s'):
    instrAsm += exeEnv.instr(g)

asm contains the nodes from some source files that are being compiled to assembly in a previous step

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Happy to have helped you. – Louis Sep 1 '11 at 8:36

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