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I would like to search for a particular tag by it's text contents. For example:

<a href="">Lets go somewhere</a>

I want to find the above by searching for the text 'Lets go somewhere'. I am currently doing it using re. Can it be done in BeautifulSoup or is it better to use re in this case?

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s = BeautifulSoup(...)
s.find(text='Lets go somewhere')

You can also use regex.

Using BeautifulSoup to find a HTML tag that contains certain text

Edit: While the find method prints a string if you use it on the command line, that's actually just a representation of the object it returns; you can access the parent attribute on it to access its BeautifulSoup tag object.

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Thanks for the help. – 3eee3 Aug 29 '11 at 15:04

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