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I am attempting to create a MySQL DB and Java client app for my home network. I haven't really had any experience with MySQL other than PHPMyAdmin for a website backend (also have used SQLite). I have downloaded the full MySQL installation and a test DB from the MySQL website. On the server machine I successfully connected to the DB as root. Not a difficult task.

Now I want to connect to the DB from my client PC, just to check I can. Eventually I will use the JDBC driver to connect from my Java client app, but before that I just want to check I can connect.

How should I do this? SHould I just install the MySQL command line program onto the client PC?

EXTRA INFO: forgot to add, I'm using Windows 7 on all my machines.

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Yes, you could install the MySQL to get MySQL command line program and connect with it, but also you can use another MySQL client tool like PHPMyAdmin, dbForge Studio for MySQL or another one.

To connect from remote host you should create special accout for it, e.g. - 'user_name'@'your_host_name'. Find more information here -

Specifying Account Names

Account Names and Passwords

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