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I am trying to populate a SQLite database from a csv file on Ubuntu 11.04. I ran the following commands:

create table data1 (id integer, city text, bank text, address text);
.separator ","
.import atm_list_india_updated.csv data1

Could anyone tell me what is going wrong? Why am I getting this error?

sqlite> .tables // shows there is a table called data1
    sqlite> select * from data1
       ...> ;
    sqlite> .import *******.csv data1;
    Error: no such table: data1; // tells there is no table called data1
    sqlite> .show
         echo: off
      explain: off
      headers: off
         mode: list
    nullvalue: ""
       output: stdout
    separator: ","
        stats: off
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As well as other dot-commands that are SQLite shell builtin commands, the .import command should not terminate with a semicolon.

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Dude, thank you, I thought I was going crazy. I kept putting the ; at the end! –  Adz Jan 10 at 22:58
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doing this helped :

create table main(id int(10), bank varchar(255), city varchar(255), address varchar(500))
.separater ","
.import ****.csv data1;
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