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How do I troubleshoot Web Services?

I have few Web Services Deployed on my local server (localhost) and I have Java Client application which calls them.

Of course, I can run my client in debug mode and set break points, but I don't know how to deal with Web Services?

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You can use remote debugging to debug your web services. Set up a break point in the web service code and it will stop at the break point when it hits it. This link has a good tutorial on setting up tomcat and eclipse for remote debugging. I assumed you are using eclipse but I am sure other IDEs will have similar features.

There is also the web service explorer tool in eclipse. If it's a JAX-WS webservice then soapUI is a great tool for testing. If it's a JAX-RS then rest-assured is a useful one.

Ofcourse there is always printing out debug messages in your log file if you prefer not to set up a debugger.

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I use Axis2. Thanks a lot. I will try your link. – bobetko Aug 29 '11 at 18:05

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