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Good Morning, I'm working with blueprint css framework. My problem is that I can't set height: 100% of a container that is inside in an external container. (container is intended as container blueprint css class). I want that my internal container is height as external container.

class container is defined as: .container { display: block; }

Set height: 100% doesn't work. but I can't change this property becouse it is part of blueprint css framework. Is there a workaround? Can you help me, please?

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Is your internal container set as display:block ? You can't set height on inline elements in the way you are describing.

I would inspect the html using Firebug and see what the computed style value for the display setting is for your internal container.

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Yes. .clearfix, .container { display: block; } but it is part of blueprint css framework. Is there a workaround? –  paganotti Aug 29 '11 at 17:05

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