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Hello I'm looking at a colleagues web application that is written in C# and the app have a com file in it. Unfortunately I can't find the reference folder. I tried adding it again and displaying ALL files/folders and still nothing.

The only folder that appears when I add a new com is a bin folder but it doesn't show anything else beside the com file.

I find the reference folder pretty useful so if anyone have any idea on how to make it appear. I appreciate it!

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It must be ASP.NET WEb Site rather than Web Application. There is no reference folder for projects of type Web Site. You can go to project properties and add references there.

Decide when to use which:


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Ok thanks for the info! I found a work around by using object browser to see all the components of the file. –  nhat Aug 29 '11 at 17:44

If you happen to have a VB.NET web application then there is no references folder either. Double-click "My Project" or go to the project properties and find the Reference tab.

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