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I am trying to create a Delphi 6 program with DSPACK that records audio from the PC input devices (Windows XP) and then writes the captured audio to a MS format WAV file. The problem I am having is that I am getting NIL back when I try to get the legacy filter named 'WAV Dest':

filWaveDest.BaseFilter.Moniker := CapEnum.GetMoniker(CapEnum.FilterIndexOfFriendlyName('WAV Dest')); 

filWaveDest.BaseFilter.Moniker contains NIL after these calls. How can I correct this since obviously subsequent code that attempts to write the WAV data captured using filWaveDest fails?

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Wav Dest is not a standard DirectShow filter. It is an example filter in the SDK. Either build the object or download a copy of the DLL someone else has built.

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