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I am not using any plugins or frameworks.

I have some local help pages (which will not be hosted on a server), most of which need to be loaded into a frame. So, duringonload, I check if the page is in a frame or not:

top.document.location.href == document.location.href

and if this is true, and therefore the page is not in a frame, then I

top.document.location.href = "frame.html?info="+document.location.href;

Now, when frame.html?info=stuff.html loads, I can get the info parameter from:

`top.document` or `window.top.document`

and load that page into a frame as intended.

This all works as intended on Safari, IE9, and Opera. It does not work in Chrome. Instead, top.document and window.top.document are both undefined after frame.html is loaded.

How should I get the top URL and, more importantly, its parameters when I load frame.html?info=...

If it is helpful, I believe this behavior is because of this issue.

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Can you store the location in a variable beforehand? –  dave Aug 29 '11 at 19:02
@dave -- when I load a new page (top.document.location.href = ...) won't I lose the variable? –  jedierikb Aug 29 '11 at 19:07

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