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This question is probably pretty stupid, but I'm new to C# and I'm not sure if there are any shortcuts to do this. I have a dynamic array for which the range will always be 1-n, with n being variable. Is there anyway to declare an array and have it hold incremental values without looping?

Think along the lines of my array holding values 1-50. I'd like to declare an array as such (logically): double[] myArray = new double[] {1-50} or, more generically for my purposes double[] myArray = new double[] {1-n}. I don't know what made me think of this, I just thought I'd ask.

I am going to bind this array (or list) to a combo box in WPF. I guess setting a combo-box the same way would also work if there's a shortcut for that.

Sorry for the dumb question. =)

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int n = 50;
var doubleArray = Enumerable.Range(1, n).Select(x => (double)x).ToArray();

That will generate a sequence of integers from 1 to n (in this case 50) and then cast each one to a double and create an array from those results.

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That's awesome, man. Thanks. –  Yatrix Aug 29 '11 at 18:55

You could use a List<T> which represents a dynamic array to which you could add elements.

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System.Linq.Enumerable.Range can generate än enumeration of int. Cast the enumeration if you really want double.



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