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I'm working on a simple project. My site will have only 2 pages. The front page, with the ogin and register controls, and a user page, that the user will be redirected after logged in or registered. I have some questions:

How can I implement a remember me feature with seam 3?

How can I automatic redirect a logged in user to the user page?

When the user click logoff, how can I redirect him to the front page?


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The easiest way to make redirect after logoff action and automatic redirect a logged in user is navigation rule. You can write this rules in faces-config.xml for example:


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OK, Thanks!!!! The login redirect i did, but the logout i can't... Now it works... And about the remember me??? the seam 2 solution works in seam 3?? @Krzysio –  RLuceac Aug 30 '11 at 12:05

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