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Hi guys : I have a web app that crawls a list of 10 or so users using fb access_tokens. It saves the unix time stamp after each crawl, so as to avoid redundant fetching. To test I do the following

1) Do A first crawl. Store results and number of requests made after traversing "nextPage" links in files. Then, Immediately therafter.. 2) Do a second crawl. Store results as above.

3) Compare number of requests in (1) and (2) : There should be 10 or so requests in the 2nd crawl, and maybe a few hundred requests in the first, since the first got all the data, and the 2nd mostly reads empty pages.

Sometimes, however, for one user who has about 1400 wall artifacts, I notice that the "second" crawl, gets about 1200 artifacts.

I haven't been able to test the exact urls yet, because Im doing things asynchronously, and was thinking that maybe I'm overlooking something simple here (i.e. maybe its known that "since" timestamps don't always work perfectly in facebook for users with high activities?) ...

By the way, to store the time stamp, I'm using java's System.currentTimeinMilliseconds/1000.
And the user who is tripping things up is an asian, from japan.... not sure if that helps..

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sorry, you're problem remains elusive to me. Is 1400-1200=200 missing artifacts the problem? Also, consider adding tags for your web-crawling software or just web-crawling in general. Good luck. –  shellter Aug 29 '11 at 21:17
The problem is that my crawler, for a particular user, is returning results which occured before the date which I am requesting . That is (1) crawl user x, save time t/1000 as sinceTime. (2) crawl user again, thistime appending since=sinceTime to the url (3) generally, (2) returns 0 pages is (2) is done immedeately after (1). But in the case of this one user, (2) returns ALL the same data that (1) does. Implying that, in some cases, the "since" field doesnt work as it should (or that there is a minor bug in my crawler). –  jayunit100 Aug 30 '11 at 4:03

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