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I am having an issue with the Cache module Configuration.

I have done the following:

  1. put Cache::$default = 'memcachetag'; in bootstrap.php

  2. copied modules/cache/config/config.php to application/config/config.php with the following config:

    return array(
      // Override the default configuration
      'memcachetag'   => array(
        'driver'         => 'memcachetag',  // Use Memcached as the default driver
        'default_expire' => 8000,        // Overide default expiry
        'servers'        => array(
           // Add a new server
             'host'       => 'server',
             'port'       => 11211,
             'persistent' => FALSE
        'compression'    => FALSE

The problem is the 'servers' are not being overridden so its always pulling from the modules config file (host name is localhost always)

I am make an instance with Cache::instance() and checking the values with echo Debug::vars(Cache::instance());

Thanks in advance!

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I solved this by creating a new Cache config group that was named different then all the others and then setting that as the default group in bootstrap.

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Your file listing needs to be built up the same in all three layers of a Kohana project (system, modules and application) to allow for overloading of files.

So you need to put your overloaded config file in application/config/cache.php and not in modules/application/config.php. The cache config file is in modules/cache/config/cache.php so this file will get overloaded with your config file.

Look here: http://kohanaframework.org/3.2/guide/cache/config#group-settings

Below are the default cache configuration groups for each supported driver. Add to- or override these settings within the application/config/cache.php file.

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Sorry I made a mistake in my post I do actually have it set up at modules/application/config.php i can change values such as 'default_expire' => 8000, and they show up changed but when i change the server values they are ignored and localhost is used –  Ian Aug 30 '11 at 18:49
Some more information when I add the server in modules/cache/config/cache.php it works fine (I edited the memcacetag config array) When I do echo Devug::vars(Kohana::$config->load(cache) I do not see the server I added, I only see localhost –  Ian Aug 30 '11 at 19:02
Still, config files should not be in modules/application/config.php they should be in application/config/cache.php. I don't know where your application folder is located, but right now it will not overload values from the module. –  Luwe Aug 31 '11 at 8:55
I Must have been a zombie when I wrote this, I made the directory mistake twice. The files were in application/config/cache.php but I solved this problem (see above) –  Ian Sep 1 '11 at 17:54

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