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PHP page redirect

I have 0 experience with PHP. I was setting up a blog in wordpress which is in PHP.

In a page there are includes. Now I do I redirect users from page to the other.

For example: When users visit pics.php I want to redirect them to Gallery.php

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You can redirect the users browser via the header() function:

header( "Location: gallery.php" );

You will need to ensure that no output has been sent before this line (check for echo and print statements, as well as anything that may produce errors or warnings).

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See header:

header('Location: http://domain.com/Gallery.php');
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Voted this up, because the Location header officially requires a full domain path (although relative paths work virtually everywhere). –  GolezTrol Aug 29 '11 at 20:14
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Read manual for header.

If the Location header is modified, the browser will make a new request to the specified URL.

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header('Location: /Gallery.php');
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Just use

header('Location: /pics.php');


header('Location: http://www.mydomain.com/header.php');
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