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A quick question about a gnuplot. I have two graphs, ploted from file, like this:

plot "t2" using 1:75 with linespoints title "crop 20",\
"t2" using 1:11 with linespoints title "crop 30"

Now I want to identify points on both graphs if they have identical height e.g Y coordinate. It could be a different colour, or a perfect solution would be to draw a line between them.

Any ideas? Thanks a lot.


Thanks for the reply Sunhwan Jo, method suggested works fine, as long as similar values appear in the same order. See the image enter image description here

Two graphs share several more points in the same height, but its not picked up due to length difference.

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You may use external program to filter out data points that have same data in two different column (here I've examined if 75th and 11th column has same entry).

plot "t2" using 1:75 with linespoints title "crop 20",\
     "t2" using 1:11 with linespoints title "crop 30",\
     "< awk '{if ($75==$11) print $0}' t2" us 1:11 with lines points title "crop 20/30"


Okay, above will not work if you would like to show the data points that have same data in different rows. AWK script will be more elaborated. I have tried as below, hope this helps.

Here's test data.

0      0.0      0.0
1      0.3      0.6
2      1.6      1.6
3      0.3      1.5
4      0.6      3.6
5      0.3      4.3
6      0.3      0.7
7      5.5      5.5
8      6.6      6.6
9      5.2      5.2
10     8.3      8.3
11     2.7      5.0
12     2.8      8.3
13     3.3      2.8
14     7.9      3.9
15     9.9      7.9
16    15.3     15.3
17    14.7     14.7
18     3.8     18.1
19    18.1     12.1

And the gnuplot command (note some obvious difference in column designation):

plot 'test.dat' us 1:2 w lp title "1", \
     'test.dat" us 1:3 w lp title "2", \
     "< awk '{ind[NR]=$1; arr1[NR]=$2; arr2[NR]=$3} END{for (i=1; i<=NR; i++) {for (j=1; j<=NR; j++) {if (arr1[i]==arr2[j]) print ind[i], arr1[i]}}}' test.dat' test.dat" us 1:2 w lp title '1==2'

Resulting plot:

enter image description here

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Good example, I see we are talking about different things here. I need to link points first graph (4, 0.6) and second graph (1, 0.6). X positions can be different. We can assume that no more than one match is exist. Thank you –  2di Aug 30 '11 at 21:38
Since you would like to identify similar y-values in two different data series, it might be better to go with y-y graph to show the correlation between the two columns. –  Sunhwan Jo Aug 31 '11 at 19:40
Wow, nice one, Thanks! –  2di Aug 31 '11 at 20:04

The previous answer using a awk script to preprocess the data is a good method. Here I give a method using only gnuplot. There is a ternary operator--"?:". Uisng this operator you can pick the points with same value out. For example, "plot 'data.dat' u 1:($11==$75?$11:1/0) w p lc rgb'blue'" will plot only the points with $11==$75. I have written the details in my blog. If any question, visit http://gnuplot-surprising.blogspot.com/2011/09/manipulate-data-using-ternary-operator.html.

enter image description here

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