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Hi I'm new to the forum,

how do I put a tab with custom icons in my fan page.

I created an app, I modified the icon, but can not add the application on my page. also can not add the app Videobox,

but I can add a Static FBML app ....

can be a problem in my page?


Portuguese: Oi eu sou nova no forum,

como eu faço para colocar uma tab com icone personalizado em minha fan page.

criei um app, modifiquei o icone, mas não consigo adicionar o aplicativo na minha pagina. também não consigo adicionar o app videobox,

mas consigo add um app FBML Static....

pode ser problema em minha pagina?

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You should go to your application profile site. There on the bottom left you should have a menu link which says Add to my page. Click this and pick your page where you want to add this app. After that, go to your page administration and check pages applications. There you should have your app and option to add ot as a tab.

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