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I implemented a zoom-in and out function, but every time I zoom, I clear the whole canvas, scale and translate it, and then redraw everything again. the problem, is that redrawing takes a long time (I have a lot of objects on the canvas).

is there a way I can just copy the whole scene, scale and translate the canvas, and then just paste it without ltoosing quality all?


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yes. You can copy the canvas using drawImage to a temp image and then redraw later. This thing I'm working on has a resize function. Have a look:


just for ref this is the main part:

    function resizeCanvas(){

      cWidth = widthInput.val();
      cHeight = heightInput.val();

      jtmp.width = cWidth;
      jtmp.height = cHeight;
      ctmp.drawImage(jc, 0, 0);

      frame.css({width : cWidth});
      canvas.attr({width : cWidth, height : cHeight});
      c.drawImage(jtmp, 0, 0);
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but how do I copy the canvas to an image object? –  Amit Hagin Aug 30 '11 at 10:30
google canvas addDataUrl tons of examples –  Zevan Aug 31 '11 at 7:57

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