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I'm using NHibernate to query a table that has tuples in the format: (String, Int?), where the integers can be null. So, I want to group my results by number and then sort alphabetically. I can easily do this after I get the query results, but I would like to get NHibernate to formulate a query that does it. Here's an example of the results I would like:

alpha, 1
delta, 4
golf, 3
hotel, 2
lima, 5
charlie, 0
theta, 0
beta, null
echo, null

The three groupings I'm looking for are: (int > 0), (int == 0), and (int = null). Here's the query I'm using:

var devices = session.QueryOver<Table>()
                .OrderBy(item => item.Number).Desc
                .OrderBy(item => item.Name).Asc

Currently, I'm sorting them after the query is done, as such:

List<Table> sortedDevices = devices.OrderBy(item => item.Name).Where(item => item.Number > 0).ToList();
            sortedDevices = sortedDevices.Concat(devices.OrderBy(item => item.Name).Where(item => item.Number == 0).ToList()).ToList();
            sortedDevices = sortedDevices.Concat(devices.OrderBy(item => item.Name).Where(item => item.Number == null).ToList()).ToList();

Is it possible to get NHibernate to group queries like this?

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something along the lines:

        .Conditional(Expression.Gt("Number", 0),
            Projections.Conditional(Expression.Eq("Number", 0),
    .ThenBy(table => table.Name).Asc
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Thanks, I'll give that a shot. – user918517 Aug 30 '11 at 13:01

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