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I currently use TFTPCLIENT by Xavier Cirac at http://www.waveflow.com/vcl.htm . I have made significant modifications to the source to add some special commands for the mainframe class computer(HP NonStop or Tandem) that is the FTP server.

I now need to add IPv6 and SFTP capability and that does not seem to be a possibility with my current component.

Does anyone know of any Delphi component with source that I can use.

Free or shareware would be nice but I need it enough I will pay for a retail version if needed.

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Our SecureBlackbox includes FTP/FTPS and SFTP components with IPv6 support. Components support sending custom commands so you won't need to modify the source code (though it's provided of you need it).

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Commercial SFTP - ELDOS, nSoftware

Open Source - Ararat Synapse. It has a SFTP demo, I have used it successfully with Delphi 7 and 2007, but it is not ready for Unicode

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