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I have this code in Rails

def create
  @loanitem = current_user.loanitems.build(params[:loanitem])
  respond_to do |format|
    if @loanitem.save
     current_user.update_attributes(:points => current_user.points + @loanitem.itemvalue,
                                    :email => current_user.email,
                                    :password => current_user.encrypted_password)
      format.html {redirect_to root_path, :flash => {:success => "Loan Item created" }}
      format.xml{render xml: root_path}
      format.html {render 'pages/home' }
      format.xml {render xml: 'pages/home'}

that works fine when I test it in the browser just using rails. However I have a Flex frontend and when I send the params from Flex I can see on the server console that the correct params are being sent and the correct controller and action is being called but the method is failing and giving the error

undefined method 'loanitems' for nil:NilClass -

I thought maybe it was because it didn't know what current_user is? Is there a problem with my sessions? It doesn't happen on other controllers or actions that you need to be logged in for though.

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The question is did your Flex application log in before calling this method? So yes, you probably have a problem with your sessions. The Flex app needs to log in first (to obtain a session and set current_user), or you need to modify your app to work in some other way without a current_user when running under Flex. –  Casper Aug 29 '11 at 22:44
Hi Casper, Yes the flex application did log in. I tried it without logging in - and it's makes the right noises re:validation etc. So it's having no problems with the loanitems.create method - it's taking all the attributes from the params that flex passes it. It's the line where I'm updating the User that it complains about. If I comment that line out it makes the loanitem ok. Strange that it works in rails but not when the method is being initiated from a flex http request. –  Linda Keating Aug 29 '11 at 23:14

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