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I have a C# application that I have developed in Visual Studio 2010 that, upon installation is placed in the user's Startup folder so that the application launches in the tray each time the user logs on. I have set the Manufacturer string in the VS setup project and it shows up correctly in the Add/Remove Programs part of Control Panel. The problem is that when we launch msconfig.exe and look at the Startup tab, the Manufacturer column says "Unknown". I cannot find any posts on the web that tell me where msconfig.exe gets its Manufacturer string. Can anyone help?

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You will need to specify the assembly information for your application using the Assembly Information Dialog Box.

From MSDN:

To access this dialog box, select a project node in Solution Explorer, and then, on the Project menu, click Properties. When the Project Designer appears, click the Application tab. On the Application page, click the Assembly Information button.

The manufacturer column in the msconfig startup list relates to the Company field in the Assembly Information Dialog.

Hope this helps.

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