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I am sending emails to multiple recipients through a loop. The email elements use language localization. When I send these emails, I would like to send these emails in the user's native language.

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if you change Configure::write("Config.language") to language which belongs to user to which the current e-mail is and after you use __d() or __() methods, you should have every email text in proper language

just translate via __dl() instead of basics.php __d() or __()

providing example from answer on SO question no.4294543

function __dl($domain, $str, $lang, $return = false) {
    $original = Configure::read('Config.language');
    Configure::write('Config.language', $lang);
    $str = __d($domain, $str, true);
    Configure::write('Config.language', $original);

    if ($return) {
        return $str;
    echo $str;

__dl('domain', 'Foo bar', 'pt_BR');

or use parameter language in __d()


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