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I am trying to select the latest entry of the duplicate entries against the ticket_id in a mysql table , My current is something like this.

        COUNT(*) AS cnt ,
FROM    temp_tickets
GROUP BY ticket_id

It gives the number of times a row is duplicated but i am able to select the latest one of those mulptiple rows

Let say i have 3 ticket_id's which got duplicated for 5 times so now i want to select the latest occurrence from all these 3 id's .

Lemme know if i have to be more specific.


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And you still need the COUNT as well in the same query? Or you just want a result set for the latest entry in each set of duplicates? – Martin Smith Aug 29 '11 at 22:27
@martin latest of all dulpicate sets – Shanon Aug 29 '11 at 22:33

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Here's one way (assuming "latest" means "greatest id")

SELECT  temp_tickets.*
FROM    temp_tickets
        JOIN ( SELECT   MAX(id) AS id
               FROM     temp_tickets
               GROUP BY ticket_id
               HAVING   COUNT(*) > 1
             ) latest ON =    

I suspect it might be possible to come up with a more efficient solution involving user variables but I'll leave that to someone else...

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