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How do I apply the same arguments to an array of functions?


async.parallel([func(arg, arg2), func2(arg, arg2)],
function() {

The array has indeterminate / various functions functions inside though, so I'm not sure which functions I should be sending to the parallel method.

In various files I'm building the functions array:


As a result I have an array like this:

[func, func2]

I would like to just do:

function() {

and have all the same arguments be applied to all the functions. How can I do this? Thanks.

Ended up writing my own:

  _.each(obj, function (func) {
    func(req, res, function () {
      if (i == objSize) {
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Untested, but this ought to work:

var args      = [ arg, arg2 ]
  , funcCalls = []

for(var i = 0; i < funcArray.length; i++) {
  funcCalls.push(function() {
    funcArray[i].apply(this, args); }

async.parallel(funcCalls, next);

Or, if you already know how many arguments you'll have, you don't need to use apply in the middle section:

for(var i = 0; i < funcArray.length; i++) {
  funcCalls.push(function() {
    funcArray[i](arg, arg2); }

And finally you could really tighten it up with a map function as provided by e.g. Underscore.js:

  function(func) { return function() { func(arg, arg2); } }
), next);

...but then the next guy who comes across your code might kill you.

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just use async.apply to add arguments to function. Refer to github.com/caolan/async#applyfunction-arguments – user1102171 Dec 22 '13 at 14:23

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