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I need to read the attribute of a property using reflection

For example I get the following :

    [CategoryAttribute("Main"), ReadOnly(true),
    Description("This property is auto-generated")]
    public override string Id
        get { return _ID; }
            _ID = value;

i want to get the " read only "value of this property using reflection can anybody help

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It's difficult to write the code for your case without knowing the Type name. Hope below example helps.

using System;
using System.Reflection;

public class Myproperty
    private string caption = "Default caption";
    public string Caption
        get{return caption;}
        set {if(caption!=value) {caption = value;}

class Mypropertyinfo
    public static int Main(string[] args)

        // Define a property.
        Myproperty Myproperty = new Myproperty();
        Console.Write("\nMyproperty.Caption = " + Myproperty.Caption);

        // Get the type and PropertyInfo.
        Type MyType = Type.GetType("Myproperty");
        PropertyInfo Mypropertyinfo = MyType.GetProperty("Caption");

        // Get and display the attributes property.
        PropertyAttributes Myattributes = Mypropertyinfo.Attributes;

        Console.Write("\nPropertyAttributes - " + Myattributes.ToString());

        return 0;


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so how i ll know read only is true or false? – Yasser Aug 29 '11 at 23:50
Look at here Example 18-2 – CharithJ Aug 30 '11 at 0:04
it is very helpful but in: foreach(Object attribute in attributes) { BugFixAttribute bfa = (BugFixAttribute) attribute; Console.WriteLine("\nBugID: {0}", bfa.BugID); Console.WriteLine("Programmer: {0}", bfa.Programmer); Console.WriteLine("Date: {0}", bfa.Date); Console.WriteLine("Comment: {0}", bfa.Comment); } i want to make a condition in this loop to catch the attibute read only and know its value , you get me? – Yasser Aug 30 '11 at 0:30
public static bool PropertyReadOnlyAttributeValue(PropertyInfo property)
    ReadonlyAttribute attrib = Attribute.GetCustomAttribute(property, typeof(ReadOnlyAttribute));
    return attrib != null && attrib.IsReadOnly;

public static bool PropertyReadOnlyAttributeValue(Type type, string propertyName)
    return PropertyReadOnlyAttributeValue(type.GetProperty(propertyName));

public static bool PropertyReadOnlyAttributeValue(object instance, string propertyName)
    if (instance != null)
        Type type = instance.GetType();
        return PropertyReadOnlyAttributeValue(type, propertyName);
    return false;
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