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I'm working on a soundboard app, and when I analyze my app, it always detects memory leaks. It works fine on the iOS Simulator, but most sounds do not work on the actual device. I think it has to do with the memory leaks. Any tips. Here is the code. It's only a snippet of all of the code. I am using the AudioToolbox. Sorry, and thanks ahead, I am a very new beginner.

    #import "hilarioussoundboardipViewController.h"

    @implementation hilarioussoundboardipViewController

-(IBAction)sound2 {

CFBundleRef mainBundle = CFBundleGetMainBundle();

CFURLRef soundFileURLRef;

soundFileURLRef = CFBundleCopyResourceURL(mainBundle, (CFStringRef) @"sound2", CFSTR ("wav"), NULL);

UInt32 soundID;

AudioServicesCreateSystemSoundID(soundFileURLRef, &soundID);

AudioServicesPlaySystemSound(soundID); //it says there is a potential memory leak here//

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Hey, thanks to everyone who posted, but the mistake was not the leaks, but a file type compatibility issue. – ch1pa Sep 7 '11 at 22:05

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Take a look at the example code from Apple. You might find some hints about resource/memory leaks or hints about how to get audio to play on the physical device.

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Have you ever called "AudioServicesDisposeSystemSoundID" to free the soundID you've created in your code?

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