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I'm using: Sonar version: 2.10 Emma version: 2.1.5320 Sonar Emma plugin version: 1.2

I'm able to generate an Emma report showing coverage of the tests themselves (ideally this would be 100% but in practice it's not always), but Sonar shows only the coverage of the src files. How do I get it to show the coverage of the test files, too?

Would switching to Cobertura help?

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AFAICT from:

public final class NewCoverageFileAnalyzer {
    public boolean shouldDecorate(Resource resource) { 
        return Scopes.isFile(resource) && !Qualifiers.UNIT_TEST_FILE.equals(resource.getQualifier()); 

it looks like coverage of test files can't be shown in Sonar without changing the Sonar code.

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Counting test classes as coverage might inflate coverage ratio.

Using more test files would allow coverage > 100 % (lines covered / lines of production code).

It might still be usefull to see, if there is some dead test code somewhere.

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