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Is there a way to test for browser's ability to play a wav file in javascript

function playSound(myWAVfile)
        if (soundEmbed)
        soundEmbed = document.createElement("embed");
        soundEmbed.setAttribute("src", myWAVfile);
        soundEmbed.setAttribute("hidden", true);
        soundEmbed.setAttribute("autostart", true);
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This should help you a lot: http://www.schillmania.com/projects/soundmanager2/

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looks promising, but I am looking for code to detect browser support for sound in javascript. Application is designed for mobile devices, so would prefer to avoid additional libraries. –  mortimer snodgrass Aug 30 '11 at 2:41

you can use html5

<audio id="audio-tag-element" controls="" src=myWAVfile tabindex="0"></audio>

Ie8 and less will not work

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specifically looking if there is a way to detect browser support for sound in javascript. –  mortimer snodgrass Aug 30 '11 at 2:39

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