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I have an UPDATE statement in ABAP which looks like :

UPDATE zicstt099 FROM TABLE lt_zicstt099

The Update is failing every time with sy-subrc eq 4.

The database Table ZICSTT099 has three primary keys : WEB_USER_ID & EMAIL_ID along with MANDT field.

I am trying to change the EMAIL_ID value but the same is not getting Updated.

Kindly help.

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You cannot change primary key fields using the UPDATE <target> FROM <wa>. and UPDATE <target> FROM TABLE <itab>. statements, since they use the primary key to lookup the record(s) they must update.

Use the UPDATE <target> SET <set1> ... WHERE ... statement instead.

You can find the specifics over here:

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You can't 'change' key fields in data bases. You may delete your original entry and insert a new one with another key. But you can't change a key field. (I can't check actual, if modify is doing it on it's own.

If you have to change a key field, you should think about your DB-definition.

More about changing key fields: Can we update primary key values of a table?

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This is wrong, at least in Open SQL. See the documentation quoted by René. –  vwegert Feb 16 '12 at 19:40

If the sy-subrc = 4, then at least one line was not able to be changed, either because no appropriate line was found, or because the change would generate a line that leads to double entries in the primary key or a unique secondary index in the database table.

The statement UPDATE sets sy-dbcnt to the number of changed lines.

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