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Any given point of time, how can i get the memory size utilized by each thread?

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i mean pthread. :) –  Whoami Aug 30 '11 at 3:26
What kind of memory are you looking for? Stack memory? Or heap memory as well? –  bdonlan Aug 30 '11 at 3:33
@bdonlan Both the stack memory as well as heap memory. –  Whoami Aug 30 '11 at 4:28

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If all you want is a heap profiler consider Google performance tools with their own allocator TCMalloc.


An alternative high performance allocator is jemalloc which provides statistics reporting including per-thread cache bin details with malloc_stats_print()


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Any possible way to get from /proc file system ? –  Whoami Aug 30 '11 at 4:43
@user916439 Read MK's answer. –  Steve-o Aug 30 '11 at 4:45

You can't, the heap is shared between all threads in the process.

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To check the thread's stack size you could use non-portable GNU extension pthread_getattr_np and also you could check /proc/self/maps (or /proc/PID/maps) but this way is more complex.

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