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On click of the Copy link in a row, I need to create another row and copy all its contents to the new row. This is the code I have:

addNewInlineRow(sid, idToUse); // this creates a new row with empty values
//this copies the value from old row to new row
$("#"+rowId+ " td").each(function(index){
    $("#"+idToUse+ " td").get(index).text($(this).text());

But this code is not working. Any suggestions? I cannot clone the entire TR due to existing complex logic for creating TR id!!

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Have you tried cloning the tr? –  Ray Toal Aug 30 '11 at 4:22

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When you use .get() you're retrieving the DOM element, it is not a jQuery object, therefore you can not use .text() to set the text value. Try:

$("#"+idToUse+ " td").get(index).innerHTML = $(this).text();
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You can use clone method to get the clone of tr and append it to the table tbody.

Try this

function addNewInlineRow(sid, idToUse){
   var $clone = $("#"+sid).clone();
   $clone.attr("id", idToUse);

   //Now append the clone to table
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You beat me to it because I was slow in making a fiddle. Here it is in case anyone stops by this page: jsfiddle.net/gZhdg –  Ray Toal Aug 30 '11 at 4:36

You can still clone the entire tr and then update the parts that need updating (i.e. the ID):

function addNewInlineRow(sid, idToUse){
   $('#' + sid).clone().attr('id', idToUse).appendTo('table');
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When you want to retrieve the values form any containers like div,span

You must use the .html() in jquery.

Try the blow code:

 $("#"+idToUse+ " td").get(index).html($(this).html());
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