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From the Java Language Specification (third edition), section 3.10.5:

        " StringCharactersopt "

        StringCharacters StringCharacter

        InputCharacter but not " or \

Can someone please help me understand this syntax pattern? What could xx: " xxxopt" mean?

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You ought to check Chapter 2 of the JLS for the grammar notation used. The symbol opt is defined in the same chapter as: The subscripted suffix "opt", which may appear after a terminal or nonterminal, indicates an optional symbol. –  Vineet Reynolds Aug 30 '11 at 4:31

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It means a StringLiteral is a double-quote, an optional StringCharacters token, and a double quote. "opt" means optional.

StringCharacters is defined as one or more StringCharacter tokens.

StringCharacter is either an InputCharacter (defined elsewhere) except for a double-quote or a backslach; or an EscapeSequence (also defined elsewhere)

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