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I am having a problem making a window appear programatically.....

I have created the window in the interface builder and I have a window controller class

I have and IBOutlet NSWindow mywindow in the controller class that is bound to the window (via interface builder).

I have tried calling [mywindow display] and [mywindow makeKeyAndOrderFront:nil] but neither display the window.

If in the interface builder I set 'Visible at Launch', the window is visible when the application launches, but now I can't hide it... calling [mywindow close] does nothing.

I think I have missed something pretty basic here but can't work out what.

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have you set a break point and made sure mywindow is not nil at that point? Just want to make sure there's not an issue with the XIB bindings. – bryanmac Aug 30 '11 at 4:58
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Are you sure you're calling this code from within the IB window controller instance and not from a programmatically created instance? Try with NSLog(@"%@",myWindow); to check whether myWindow is nil.

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Make sure that 1) your window exists, 2) that the connection is made in IB, and 3) the coordinates of the window aren't off-screen.

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With the breakpoint set, the mywindow object shows as (NSWindow *) 0x0.... not sure if this means it hasn't been initialised properly? ... btw, in IB, the outlets do show up as correctly linked – mrwooster Aug 30 '11 at 5:51
Please post the code that you're using to instantiate your window controller. – Rob Keniger Aug 30 '11 at 12:16

Ensure that Release When Closed check box for mywindow is unchecked in attribute inspector

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