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Referring to the kind of chart shown here:

There doesn't seem to be a simple switch, and changing the axis color to white (on a white background) didn't seem to do anything. I even tried jquery to hide the selectors produced by the api output but no dice.

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You can set hAxis.textPosition to the value of 'none'

For example:

var options = {

                hAxis: { textPosition: 'none' },

chart.draw(data, options);


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Google changes the API so fast, this is what works today:

chart.draw(daily, {
    hAxis : {textColor: '#ffffff'},
    [... your other options here ...]
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Thanks mate, helped me perfectly :) – BlackDivine Oct 3 '11 at 13:28
Do you know how I can change the cursor to a hand when I hover on hAxis? – Ε Г И І И О Aug 11 '14 at 9:53

Their API has no function for this indeed, but:

chart.draw( data, 
        width: 400, 
        height: 240, 
        is3D: true, 
        legend :'none',
        axisFontSize : 0

Setting axisFontSize to 0 will remove your x-axis data. :)

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axisFontSize : 0 will remove x-axis and y-axis data

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Check out

Axis Label Styles chxs "axis_or_tick"

You'll notice this documentation: "_ - (Underscore) Draw neither axis line nor tick marks. If you want to hide an axis line, use this value."

Example: 'chxs=0,,0,0,_'

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